Dealer Registrations

Import Note Regarding Dealer Drop Offs

  • All Dealer work must be dropped off or mailed to the DMV
  • There are no same day transactions for the dealer work
  • Dealer room is open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 12:00pm for drop off and pick up only

In order to provide dealers faster and more efficient service, the Division of Motor Vehicles has implemented a drop off only procedure. Dealers will no longer be able to wait for same day service. Dealerships can drop off work on the 1st floor of the Cranston DMV between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. or send the work via USPS, UPS, Fedex, or other provider, with a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope included. Mail should be clearly addressed to the RIDMV Dealer Room, 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920. Once the work is reviewed, completed work or deficient work with a list of requirements will be returned using the pre-paid envelope provided. Please include the appropriate size envelope if submitting more than one transaction that require plates. Dealerships that dropped off work will be called when the work is available to be picked up. The anticipated turn-around time is between seven and fourteen business days. With these changes the DMV will provide all dealerships a safe and effective way to have their transaction(s) processed in a timely manner.

Drop off procedures

Dealers will be allowed to drop off work bundled in one large envelope containing up to 10 transactions per envelope. A maximum of 2 envelopes(20 transactions) may be submitted each day. Transactions must be paperclipped (not stapled) together containing all required documents, signatures and a blank check made out to RIDMV. Each envelope must contain a completed cover sheet attached to the front that includes the contact name and number for the person picking up work, dealership name, phone number and email address. Please click here for a copy of the required cover sheet.

    Pick up procedures

    Once the envelope of work is complete, a DMV employee will contact the dealership based on the contact information provided on the cover sheet attached to the envelope. In the event a particular transaction could not be processed, a rejection sheet will be attached to the paperwork for that transaction indicating why the transaction could not be processed. It is important to check all work to be processed prior to submitting it to the DMV. The TR1 and Tax form must be fully completed! Some common reasons a transaction is rejected: missing signatures on the application and title, signatures not notarized, insurance information missing, plate numbers missing for transfers, vehicle information missing (color, GVWR, passengers) and proof of trade and title forms not complete.

    Temporary Plates and Customer Status Check for out of state dealers

    Out of state dealerships can purchase Rhode Island temporary plates for Rhode Island residents purchasing a vehicle from an out of state dealer.

    Out of state dealers are also able to do an inquiry on the customer purchasing a vehicle from the dealership to check the status of the customer. You will be able to see if the customer has any suspensions or blocks on their record that would cause the transaction to be rejected. The link is listed below to apply for both services.

    The Subscriber Portal URL is You may use this URL to sign up for the Temporary Plate On Demand service by clicking on the ‘New Subscriber’ to complete and submit your application. You will find Customer Inquiry as one of the options in the Subscriber Portal.