Dealership Dropoff Registrations




Drop off / Pick up Location & Hours: 

  • Dealerships can drop off work at the Dealer Window on the 2nd floor at the RI DMV Headquarters:

                     Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

                      600 New London Ave

Cranston, RI 02920

  • Monday - Friday between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.  

DO NOT put the dealership packets in the public drop box in the front of the building.


Mail-In Address:

                        Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

                        Attn: Dealer Room

                        600 New London Avenue

                        Cranston, RI 02920

Please click below for the Rhode Island DMV – Registration Document Checklist.


The Division of Motor Vehicles has a drop off or mail-in only procedure for ALL dealership registrations. 

Same-day service is NOT available to dealerships. 

Please click below for a copy of the Dealer Drop Off sheet required with ALL drop off / mail-in registrations.   All work submitted without this sheet, will be returned/not accepted.

Requirements for Registrations:

  • A completed Dealer Drop Off sheet with the dealership name, contact name & number of the person picking up the work.  The dealership representative shall keep a copy of the submitted Dealer Drop Off sheet for their records. 
  • Registrations shall be bundled in one large envelope containing up to ten (10) transactions per envelope.  A maximum of two (2) envelopes (twenty (20) transactions) may be submitted daily per dealership. 
  • All required documents pertaining to each transaction must be paperclipped (NOT stapled) together.
  • A blank check made out to RI DMV shall be attached to each transaction.  Please make sure the check is signed. Temporary checks & 3rd party checks are not acceptable.
  • Registrations with a return envelope and pre-paid label; will be mailed using the envelopes provided.  Please include the appropriate size envelope if submitting more than one registration that requires new plates. 
  • Registrations without a return envelope; a DMV employee will contact the dealership per the contact information provided on the Dealer Drop Off sheet attached to the envelope to advise of pickup.

 Turnaround Time: 

  • The anticipated turn-around time is seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days*.  Please keep in mind, if a packet is rejected and resubmitted, the turnaround time starts from the date the packet is resubmitted.

* If the dealership is using a 3rd party to submit their registrations to the RI DMV, the processing time starts from the date the packet is received by the DMV, not when the dealership mails the registration to the 3rd party company.

 Rejected Transactions:

  • In the event a transaction cannot be processed, a Dealer Work Rejection sheet will be attached to the paperwork indicating why the transaction could not be completed.  It is important that all forms are thoroughly reviewed prior to submitting it to the RI DMV. 


Out of State Dealerships:

Temporary Plates and Customer Status Check

Out of state dealerships can purchase Rhode Island temporary plates for Rhode Island residents purchasing a vehicle from another state.

Out of state dealerships are also able to do an inquiry on the customer purchasing a vehicle to check for any suspensions or blocks prior to submitting the registration for processing.  To apply for both services, please click on the link below.

The Subscriber Portal URL is  The dealership may use this URL to sign up for the Temporary Plate On Demand service by clicking on the ‘New Subscriber’ to complete and submit an application.  The dealership will find Customer Inquiry as one of the options in the Subscriber Portal.


Rhode Island Dealerships:

Rhode Island dealerships interested in becoming an online dealer, please contact a representative in the Dealer’s License & Regulations Office.