Drivers’ Privilege Permit, Drivers’ Privilege Card & Identification Privilege Card FAQs

You may be eligible for a Drivers' Privilege Card(DPC) or Identification Privilege Card(IDPC) if you are unable to establish legal presence in the United States, but you are a Rhode Island resident who has either filed a Rhode Island personal income tax return in the prior tax year or has been claimed as a dependent on one. In order to be eligible for a DPC or IDPC you must present the required documents listed in the Drivers’ Privilege Permit, Drivers’ Privilege Card & Identification Privilege Card Checklist:

DPC/IDPC Document Checklist English

DPC/IDPC Document Checklist Spanish

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Applicants for a DPC who have a valid state or U.S. territory-issued driver's license (or one expired less than five years), whose driving records are accessible through the Problem Driver Pointer System maintained by the National Driver Register or who can provide a certified driving record issued less than thirty (30) days prior to application, will not have to take a written knowledge test or Road Skills Test in Rhode Island. *Applicants will still need to provide all other required documents.

The DMV is familiar with cases like this in our present business practices.  DMV Enforcement staff will work with applicants on a case-by-case basis.

As of March 2020, the DMV is reservation or appointment only. As such, DPC or IDPC appointments will be offered using the same schedule as all other types of DMV transactions. Having reservation-only operations allows the DMV to eliminate long wait times and continue providing superior customer service to all Rhode Islanders.

The DMV currently protects customers’ private information in accordance with federal and state law and will continue to do so in compliance with RI DPC/IDPC laws.

Per Federal Law: All CDL drivers must provide Proof of Status as a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident, as well as proof of Rhode Island residency, when renewing a CDL, applying for a CDL, updating a CDL or transferring a CDL from another state. Applicants who obtain Driver Privilege Cards may be able to obtain other types of licenses if they meet the necessary requirements. Please refer to our website here: for individual license requirements.

The DMV has employees fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Creole, and Vietnamese who may interpret in-house. We also utilize a translation service for oral translation available in 220 languages, using portable phone devices available at customer service stations throughout the building. The DMV’s website can be translated into several languages with a Google Translate integration, as well. We encourage applicants to bring a translator to the DMV, if they can, to make the process more efficient and help applicants feel more comfortable, especially during the Road Skills Test.

If it is determined that a customer may not be able to read or write, they will be given the opportunity to schedule an oral exam in their requested language, utilizing a translation services device and the examiner’s assistance to record their answers, if necessary.  This means that someone who cannot read or write will require more than one appointment.

You do not need to have insurance in order to obtain a drivers’ license or drivers’ privilege card in the State of Rhode Island. However, insurance is required for all registered vehicles in Rhode Island and proof of active insurance will be required when taking the Road Skills Test at the DMV.  Additionally, proof of insurance must be carried while driving. There are penalties for failing to comply with these insurance requirements, including fines and/or suspension of one’s license and registration.

Helpful Resources

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Rhode Island Law: P.L. 2022, ch. 241 and P.L. 2022, ch. 242