Camping Recreational Vehicle / Trailer

"Camping Recreational Vehicle/Trailer" means a vehicular type camping unit, certified by the manufacturer as complying with ANSI A119.2 Standards, designed primarily as temporary living quarters for recreation that has either its own motor power or is mounted on, or towed by, another vehicle. The basic units are tent trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, motorized campers, travel trailers, and pick-up campers (as defined in RIGL 31-1-3).

All Camping Recreational Vehicles/Trailers that are 2001 or newer require a Title or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO).  A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is required for all Camping Recreational Vehicles/Trailers 2001 or newer previously registered or titled in another state.

NOTE: If the Camping Recreational Vehicle/Trailer is coming from a private seller make sure the title is in the seller’s name and signed.

All Camping Recreational Vehicles/Trailers require Camper plates (as defined in RIGL 31-3-42). Camper registrations renew every 2 years in September.

All Camping Recreational Vehicles/Trailers require a safety inspection, except for trailers with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 1,000 lbs. or less. The vehicle or trailer must be renewed before being inspected. See below for a list of RI Inspection Stations.

Registering a Camping Recreational Vehicle/Trailer