Suspension Reinstatements

Reinstatement of Vehicles with Active Registrations

Vehicle owners who have a current registration (not expired) only need to have the vehicle PASS a Rhode Island Emission and/or Safety Inspection and be issued an inspection sticker. Please verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the sticker issued exactly matches the VIN on the registration, if so, then no further action is needed. The record will be electronically transmitted to DMV within 24 hours, updating the inspection record based on the VIN match reinstating the registration. If the vehicle needs clearance sooner than 24 hours, you will need to contact the Safety and Emissions Office at (401)-462-5890.

Reinstatement of Unregistered Vehicles or Vehicles Requiring Registration Renewal

Vehicles that have an active suspension against the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for failure to obtain an inspection certificate will not be allowed to be registered or renewed until the vehicle has been inspected and deemed safe for use on the roadways.

Listed below are instructions for vehicle owners that have been denied registration or registration renewal due to an "A2" suspension / registration block for failure to obtain an  inspection certificate (inspection sticker). The steps required may vary slightly depending on the  situation, so please read carefully.

  1. Obtain a Passing Safety Inspection

    The vehicle must be presented to a Rhode Island Official Inspection Station and PASS the SAFETY portion of a vehicle inspection. For a list of inspection station locations, please visit

  2. Obtain Clearance of the Suspension

    Once the vehicle has been approved for safety, the vehicle owner must contact the Safety and Emissions Office at 401-462-5890 to request clearance of the suspension/registration block.

  3. Register/Renew the Vehicle

    Once the suspension/registration block has been removed:

    • If unregistered, the vehicle owner may now register the vehicle.
    • If expired, the vehicle owner may now renew the registration.
    • If the plates have been seized by Law Enforcement, the vehicle owner may now return to the agency that seized the plates and request their return OR perform a plate change at any DMV location.
  4. Finalize the Inspection and Obtain the Inspection Sticker

    Once the vehicle has been properly registered and the plates affixed to the vehicle, the final step is to return to the inspection station, (pass the emissions test if it did not pass emissions initially) and be issued an actual inspection sticker.

Important Notes

  • You must obtain an inspection sticker within 20 days of the reinstatement date or a new suspension order will be re-issued.
  • Vehicle owners are entitled to one free re-inspection, at the same station, within 30 days of the initial inspection.