Plate Transfers

A transfer of registration takes place when you move an existing Rhode Island registration to a new vehicle with the same owner.  For more information, refer to the Registration section.

Registration Stickers: You will receive a new registration certificate only. No stickers will be issued. The expiration on your current stickers will still be valid as the same expiration date is maintained.

If you are moving in from out of state, and need Rhode Island license plates, please click here for information and guidelines for this transaction.

If someone is giving you a new license plate to replace your current plates, this is considered a Plate Change. If you have been issued a preferred plate through the Governor's Office, or have ordered a vanity plate, and you need to swap them with your current plates, this is also a Plate Change. For more information on plate changes, click here.


Forms and Fees

  • You need to complete and sign the Application for Registration.
  • Refer to the third page of the Application for Registration for a list of documents needed to perform this transaction.
  • Costs are listed in the DMV Fee Table

Temporary Transfers

  • Prior to registering your new vehicle, you can temporarily use the registration and plates registered to an old vehicle on the new vehicle as long as the name on the registration remains the same and the vehicle type is the same.
  • The number of days the plates can be used prior to registration is as follows:
    • RI Dealer: 30 calendar days from date on bill of sale. RIGL 31-4-3
    • Out-of-state Dealer: 30 calendar days from date on bill of sale. RIGL 31-4-9
    • Private Party: 30 calendar days from date on bill of sale. RIGL 31-4-10