Vehicles with a GVWR rating of 8500lbs. or less can be inspected at any of the Safety and Emission Testing Stations located throughout the state.

If you fail inspection, you have 30 days to return to the same station that performed the initial inspection for one free retest.

If you have failed inspection and feel that your vehicle does meet the requirements as set forth in the Official Manual for Vehicle Inspection, you may challenge the failure with the DMV inspection garage. A DMV Inspector will re-inspect the vehicle and override the failure if the station and inspector are found to be wrong. You may schedule an appointment by calling the DMV at (401) 462-5890.

No, as long as the vehicle has a valid RI inspection sticker, the record of inspection will be transferred to the new registration. However please verify that the sticker was issued to that vehicle by matching the V.I.N. on the sticker to the V.I.N. on the vehicle, this must match exactly.

You have 30 days to make the needed repairs and return to the same station for a free retest. You may also be eligible for a waiver in certain circumstances. For more information on Emissions waivers please click here.

Note: waivers are only issued for emissions defects and the vehicle must pass the safety portion of the test prior to applying for a waiver.

There are a number of waivers that may apply to this situation, for more information please look HERE. If you believe you qualify for one of these waivers, you will need to obtain an inspection report verifying that you have PASSED the SAFETY portion of the inspection, and contact the Safety and Emission Control Office at 401-462-5890 to speak with a Customer Service Representative and schedule an appointment at the DMV Garage for review and sticker issuance.

Owners of vehicles being stored off the public roads may apply for an exemption while the vehicle is stored and this exemption will prevent the registration from becoming suspended. This exemption expires immediately upon the vehicle being returned to the roadways. The required form and more info can be found HERE.

On occasion, vehicles are not in the State of Rhode Island during the month that its current inspection approval expires, and it is reasonable to understand that these vehicles should not be expected to be returned to Rhode Island solely for the purpose of inspection.

The State will accept a certificate of inspection and approval issued by another state to a vehicle that was not in the State of Rhode Island during the month that its inspection approval expired. The required form and more information can be found HERE.

Answers to FAQs pertaining to inspection related suspensions and notice of action letters can be found at: Notice of Action Letters For Failure To Obtain An Inspection Certificate (A2)

If your vehicle needs a windshield replacement, in most cases, your glass replacement provider will transfer your existing sticker. If the sticker cannot be recovered, you may request a duplicate inspection sticker by contacting the DMV safety and emissions office at dmv.inspections@dmv.ri.gov

The vehicle will need to be presented to DMV at a scheduled time so a DMV inspector can apply the duplicate sticker.

This service is currently only available for light duty vehicles subject to the Safety and Emissions testing.  Vehicles over 8500 lbs. GVWR will need to be inspected after the windshield is replaced to obtain a new inspection sticker.


Answers to additional FAQs regarding Safety & Emission related vehicle suspensions and reinstatements can be found here.