State Plates

State Plates


Ocean Passenger

The official Rhode Island State Plate.  Available in Passenger, Commercial, Combination, Trailer, Motorcycle, Public, Camper, Suburban, Jitney, Radio Operator, Farm, Taxi, and Racer Tow.


wave passenger

The current WAVE plates will be replaced during their next renewal cycle beginning January 2023.

WAVE plates are no longer being issued.


Available in Passenger and Commercial

RIGL 31-3-60

sailboat passenger
sailboat commercial





Available in Passenger, Commercial, Combination and Suburban

RIGL 31-3-101

electric hybrid passenger
Electric Hybrid Commercial
Electric Hybrid Combination
Electric Hybrid Suburban









Available to Firefighters in Passenger, Commercial, and Combination

Maximum GVWR - 10,000 lbs

RIGL 31-3-17.4

new firefighter passenger
new firefighter commercial
new firefighter combination
wave firefighter passenger
old firefighter design