Year of Manufacture Plates Frequently Asked Questions

What are YOM/Year of Manufacture plates/registrations?

YOM plates and registrations allow owners of vehicles 25 years old or older (based on the model year) to register plates issued by the DMV in the year vehicle was manufactured, and replicas of those plates, to the said vehicle.  To simplify, if someone owns a vehicle with a 1967 model year, they can register a plate (or replica thereof) originally issued in 1967.

What are the specific rules to register YOM plates?

The rules can be found HERE.  But plates must be approved prior to use and conform to the “plate design guide” published by the RI DMV.  It is also important that YOM plates are only to be used as a secondary plate.  Vehicles involved in this program must be dual registered (with primary plates and the YOM plates as the secondary plates).

What does “dual registered” mean?

Dual registration means that there are two plates registered to a single vehicle.  This is mandatory for this program.  You must have at least one registration issued with currently issued license plates.  All YOM plates are considered “secondary” registrations, and there are times when the primary plates MUST be used (for instance during state inspections and driving out of state).  Upon expiry of the primary plates, even with a valid registration, the YOM plates are considered cancelled.  Both registrations must be made available to law enforcement upon demand.

My vehicle is already dual registered. Can I still register a YOM plate?

No.  Our computer system does not allow for a “triple registration.”

Does the DMV Manufacture the plates?

No.  Plates for this program are furnished by the customer.  The plates can be either authentic plates or replicas.  The DMV does not issue these plates.  But the DMV approves them and registers them.

How much does a YOM registration cost?

The first registration is pro rated based on the amount of time given, and will not exceed $17.50. YOM registrations cost $17.50 for a two year renewal. This does not count the cost of registering and/or renewing the primary plates.

What vehicles qualify for this program?

Any vehicle that could be registered as an antique, under the legal definition in RI State law, is eligible for these plates.  So, any vehicle that is 25 years old or older that is not the primary vehicle of the registrant.

Do I need an antique registration?

No.  You only need a primary registration.  The primary registration can be passenger, commercial, antique, combination, suburban, etc.  As long as the vehicle could be registered as an antique under the law, you could participate in the program.

How do I obtain a YOM registration?

You can submit an application online, or you can submit a paper application at the Enforcement Office of the Cranston DMV.  When applying, you must include a photograph of the plate you wish to use, or a proof of the plate (from a replica manufacturer).  Be sure your desired plate number is available before paying lots of money for the plate.  Once enforcement approves your application preliminarily, you will have 90 days to come in for a registration.

What if my desired plate number is unavailable?

If your plate number is in use for any year of YOM plate,  it will be unable to be replicated in the same plate type.  If it is unavailable, you either need to find another plate to use where the number is available, or you cannot partake in the program.

What are the requirements for stickers?

Stickers showing the current expiry are not required on YOM plates.  Stickers from the year the vehicle was manufactured are not mandatory but if stickers are present on the plate, they must depict the year of the vehicle.  Plates with multiple stickers all over the plate will be rejected.