Emissions Waivers

If your vehicle has passed the safety portion of the inspection but failed for emissions and you have tried to make the necessary emissions control repairs, but your vehicle still doesn't pass the emissions test, you may apply for a waiver through the DMV. Waivers shall be effective until the vehicle is next due for emissions inspection.

Three types of waivers available are as follows:

Diagnostic Waiver

DMV may issue a waiver certificate without the vehicle meeting the emission standards if, after failing an inspection and subsequent re-inspection for emissions at the Final Standards, the vehicle undergoes a complete, documented physical and functional diagnosis and inspection, conducted by the Department, which shows:

  • That the emission control devices originally required for federal vehicle certification are in place and are functioning as designed; and,
  • That no additional emission related repairs are reasonably possible; or,
  • That no further repairs can be made because the parts required for the repairs are no longer manufactured.

If you believe you are eligible, you may apply for a Diagnostic Waiver at the DMV by calling 401-462-5890.

Repair Cost Limit Waiver

If you spend at least $700 to repair an emissions problem and your vehicle still fails its inspection, you may apply for a Cost Limit Waiver at the DMV by calling 401-462-5890. The $700 minimum includes parts and includes repair labor only if the technician who did the work is a Certified Inspection Repair Technician (CIRT).

Please remember that when a CIRT performs repairs, the cost of both parts and labor will count toward the Cost Limit Waiver. If the repairs are performed by anyone who is not a CIRT, only the cost of the parts will count towards the waiver.

The following waiver requirements and conditions apply:

  • A motor vehicle which, after inspection or re-inspection, fails to comply with the appropriate emissions standards and criteria shall be eligible to obtain a waiver certificate, provided that the cost of emissions related repairs performed exceeds the repair cost limit.
  • The cost of emissions related repairs may include the cost of repairs made after the inspection or the cost of emission related repairs made up to sixty days (60) days prior to the inspection.
  • The cost of repairs shall not include any costs covered by an emission performance or device warranty, or the cost of tampering reversal.
  • Any emissions related repair which is made during the sixty-day period prior to inspection, or after the inspection, the cost of which is to be applied to the repair cost limit, must be made by a CIRT (Certified Inspection Repair Technician).
  • The repair cost limit is seven hundred dollars ($700)
  • Repairs must be appropriate to the cause of the test failure and must be documented by original receipts for the repair. A visual check will be made to determine that repairs were actually made, if such repairs can be visually confirmed.

If you believe you are eligible, you may apply for a Repair Cost Limit Waiver at the DMV by calling 401-462-5890.

Repair Time Delay Waiver

A time delay to repair a vehicle which fails an emission inspection of one test cycle may be granted to owners who qualify under low income guidelines as established by the DMV.

  • The delay shall apply only once for that specific vehicle.

If you believe you are eligible, you may apply for a Repair Time Delay Waiver at the DMV by calling 401-462-5890.