Driver's Licenses

The following documents are required for an F1 and F2 Visa:

  • I-20
  • I-94 (NOTE: An I-94 is no longer needed to be attached to the passport. US Customs and Border Protection are doing it electronically. US Customs and Border Protection have decided there is no need to require the document since it has been determined that the person is allowed to be in the US. More information can be found on
  • Passport
  • Social Security Number must be written on the application, or a letter issued by the Social Security Administration stating the applicant is not eligible to receive a Social Security Number.
  • Current Letter from the school/university on letterhead, showing enrollment
  • School ID
  • Two proofs of residency

International Driving Permits: Although many countries do not recognize United States driver's licenses, most countries accept an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP functions as an official translation of a US driver's license into 10 foreign languages. For additional information please visit the US Department of State.

DMV Issues New Design for Licenses and State ID Cards

Rhode Island Drivers License

The DMV has begun to issue new style licenses and state identification cards as of Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

All state identification cards, commercial driver's licenses, and regular operator's licenses will reflect this new design.

Existing active licenses and state identification cards will remain effective until their expiration date.