Plate Change

Plate changes occur when you swap your current plates for new plates.  This can occur because you have been issued a preferred plate, someone is giving you a plate, you have been issued a vanity plate, or you need to replace lost or stolen plates.

A plate change requires a TR-1.

If you are in possession of the plates you no longer need, they must be turned in to the DMV at the time of the plate change, or the Lost Plate Affidavit needs to be completed.

If you are being given a Preferred Plate, and you are not an immediate family member of the person giving you the plate, a Governor's Card (issued through the Governor's Office) is required to complete the transaction.  For more information on preferred plates, click here.

A "two-way" plate change is when two active plates change places with one another.  This requires a TR-1 for both vehicles.