Buying Advice

Important instructions to follow when buying a used car from a licensed Rhode Island dealer:

  • Independent mechanic: Bring vehicle to an independent mechanic and include any issues on the bill of sale.
  • Title: Look at title for taxi-cabs, police cars, leasing cars, rental cars, salvage, out of state title- tr5 form.
  • Inspection sticker: Dealer must inspect vehicle at a point no more than 90 days before the date of sale or 500 miles, whichever occurs first.
  • Bill of sale: Should have dealership address and license number on it. The address should be the location where the vehicle is located, and all paperwork filled out, with the agreed price on the bill of sale.
  • Warranty: Make sure warranty is spelled out on bill of sale.
  • Tax Form: Tax form with dealer name typed on it.
  • Receipts: Request and keep all repair order receipts either under warranty or not.
  • Payment: Pay by check or money order. (If pay by cash you must get a receipt for exact amount you gave).
  • Repairs: Get all repairs agreed to, by both you and the dealer in writing.