Knowledge Exams

Applicants 18 years of age and older must come to the DMV headquarters, 600 New London Ave, Cranston to take a computerized knowledge exam prior to issuance of a learner’s permit.

Applicants under 18 who have completed a driver education class with an approved curriculum at a driving school other than CCRI must come to the DMV headquarters in Cranston with the class completion certificate to take a computerized knowledge exam.

Computerized knowledge exams are administered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. These tests are available during normal business hours by reservation only.

    For languages other than English, Spanish and Portuguese, please see instructions below.

    Be sure to prepare for the exam by studying the entire contents of the Rhode Island Driver's Manual and bring a completed License/ID/Permit Application as well as all required documents listed in the document checklist.

    Foreign Language Knowledge Exams

    Applicants may also request to take the knowledge exam (in a printed format) in a foreign language. These tests will need to be scheduled in advance to allow DMV time to prepare the test as requested. A Foreign Language Knowledge Exam may be scheduled in person at the Cranston DMV or may now be scheduled online.  

    Schedule a Foreign Language Knowledge Exam Here

    Be sure to prepare for the exam by studying the entire contents of the Rhode Island's Drivers Manual.

      Foreign Language Knowledge Exams will be administered at the Cranston DMV facility, located at 600 New London Avenue, Cranston RI 02920 at a scheduled date and time.

      Applicants taking a Foreign Language Knowledge Exam must:

      • Be accompanied by someone that can translate for them BEFORE and AFTER the test.
      • Arrive at least one hour prior to the scheduled time and present their appointment sheet, permit application and all other required documents to the Enforcement Office (Located on the first floor) for approval prior to testing.  See checklist for the full list of documents required for a new permit.
      • Only the applicant is allowed inside the exam room.

      Failed Exams 

      Applicants that fail to pass the knowledge exam must wait at least 8 days before retaking the exam.