Road Tests

This video is meant to be an example of the closed course testing environment and does not show the actual test. The actual test is NOT based on the content of this video and may include components not seen in the video. Drivers will be tested on skills and knowledge as listed in the Rhode Island Driving Manual .

Important Information Regarding Closed Course Testing

In accordance with Rhode Island General Law, prior to issuance of a first license, residents are required to pass a skills test aka "road test" in order to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills necessary to be deemed a safe driver. These tests are normally proctored by means of a motor vehicle operator examiner (MVOE) accompanying an applicant in a vehicle and directing them through a predefined route and set of maneuvers.

With the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic in mid-March of 2020, being confined in a vehicle, for an extended period, with numerous individuals presents health concerns for the applicants and examiners.

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles, Road Test Office has developed this modified testing process based on the following key pillars:

  • Customer and employee safety;
  • Restoration of services to citizens in the safest manner possible

Closed Course Testing Guide

Beginning in June of 2020 DMV examiners will be proctoring non-commercial skills tests on a closed course and from outside the vehicle. This testing process will consist of four segments that have been prescribed for license applicants to demonstrate that they possess the basic core skills to be deemed a safe driver.

The Closed Course Testing Guide contains information intended to help license applicants prepare for the skills test as well as how to be prepared for the day of the test. Please take the time to review this guide:

Modified Driver Skill Testing Manual

Scheduling / Rescheduling Your Test

For the best selection of locations, dates, and times we recommend you schedule your appointment as far in advance as possible. You can schedule or reschedule an appointment at any time Online or at any DMV Branch location during normal business hours.


Costs and payment methods are listed in the DMV Permit Fee Table.


Information regarding locations and hours of operation can be found here.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

A road test must be cancelled/ rescheduled at least 48 hours before the scheduled test to avoid paying another road test fee. Cancel or reschedule an appointment at any time Online or call the Road Test Office at (401) 462-5750. Please keep in mind that our offices are not open on weekends and holidays when calling to reschedule.

Who is Required to Take a Road Test

You will be required to take a driving test if you have:

  • Never been licensed in any state or you hold a foreign country license.
  • Your License has been expired for more than 5 years.
  • Your Out of State License has been expired for more than 5 years.
  • A physical condition (except corrective lenses) and DMV imposes a restriction, or if you are currently restricted and you request that the restriction be removed.

Individuals 18 years of age or older must hold a Learner's Permit for at least 30 days prior to their first scheduled road test.

Special Requirements for Individuals Under 18 Years of Age

If you are between 16 1/2 and 18 years old, you must hold a Limited Instruction Permit for at least six months prior to the first scheduled road test (or until your 18th birthday).

Scheduling Road Tests After Failures

A minimum waiting period after a road test failure has been established to allow adequate time for applicants to acquire the necessary skills through additional instruction and practice, in order to pass the road test and be issued a full license to operate.

The Procedure for Scheduling Tests After a Failure is as Follows                    

  1. Subsequent to the 1st Failure

      Applicant may return in no less than 30 days

  2. Subsequent to a 2nd Failure

    Applicant may return in no less than 90 days

  3. Subsequent to 3 or More Failures

    Applicant may return in no less than 180 days. *

*This 180-day period shall be maintained upon each failure until the applicant's permit has exhausted the 2 possible one-year extensions or the applicant is no longer eligible for an extension, at which time a new permit must be obtained by passing the knowledge test again. 

Weather Policy

Road tests will be automatically cancelled when the Governor declares a state of emergency for the entire state, announces that all State Offices are closed, or weather conditions are considered unsafe. A DMV representative will attempt to contact you to reschedule the test as soon as the determination is made and or the state of emergency is lifted. If you are not contacted, please call the Road Test Office at (401) 462-5750.

You may reschedule a new road test at no additional fee if your road test was cancelled due to weather conditions.

For CDL please call the CDL office at (401) 462 2122.

NOTE: To schedule an appointment, please refer to the CDL Road Test section of the website.