Disability Placards

There comes a time in many of our citizens’ lives where they need extra help due to a disability. The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles, through our Disability Parking Placard Office, assists approximately 7000 of our citizens yearly in administering and issuing disability placards, so they can legally utilize handicapped parking spaces throughout the State. This service is very important to citizens in need of these spaces to better access businesses, appointments, schools, and government buildings.

Applications for a Disability Placard can be easily obtained online (click here), see below, or in person at our main Office located at our Cranston headquarters. The completed application must be certified by your physician and will be issued based on your doctor’s evaluation of the length of time needed for the placard. The time frames are as follows:

  1. Temporary Disability Placards are red in color and are issued for a period of 2-12 months,
  2. Long-Term Disability Placards are blue in color and are issued for 1-3 years,
  3. Permanent Disability Placards are also blue in color and are issued for a period of 6 years.  

Please remember that the Disability Placard is issued only to the person on the application. Any other family members or friends who qualify must file a separate application. In addition to issuing Disability Placards, The Disability Placard Office also:

  • Replaces broken placards
  • Replaces lost placards renewal stickers
  • Replaces lost or damaged Disability Placard Certificates.

Our Disability Parking Placard Office can also be reached at

Ph: 401-462-5758

Fax: 401-462-0829

if there are any questions or special circumstances.